✨ Illustrated with care thanks to the talents of our illustrator Joe
✨ Pleasant to handle, the cards are designed to last over time
✨ In French , clear, easy to use even for the first time

We have done a lot of research

to ensure the best possible correspondence between each arcana and its figure mythology drawn from the Shinto religion and other legends of Japan.

  • ✨ 3 de Bâtons, incarné par Yatagarasu

    In front of the red sun of Japan, a 3-legged crow is posed on a branch of cherry in blossom. Yatagarasu is the messenger raven of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. Divine sent to guide in the right direction to take.

  • ✨ 5 de Bâtons, incarné par un Furaribi

    A Furaribi, a dog-headed bird wrapped in flames, flies over 4 small, arguing blue birds. The Furaribi are said to be wandering souls who most often appear at night by rivers.

  • ✨ 4 de Bâtons, incarné par Suzaku

    The phoenix Suzaku spreads its wings to fly away. Suzaku is one of Japan's four legendary animals that symbolize the 4 cardinal points. He is the guardian of the south, the embodiment of fire and summer.

  • ✨ As d'épées, incarné par Amaterasu armée de l'épée Kusanagi

    Kusanagi is a legendary sword discovered by the god Susanoo after slaying an 8-headed dragon. He offered the sword as a gift to the goddess Amaterasu as a token of reconciliation.

  • ✨ Cavalier de coupes, incarné par un onmyoji et un hakuba

    Onmyojis are sages who practice onmyodo, the esoteric cosmology of the Shinto religion. Here an onmyoji is accompanied by a hakuba, a white horse bringing luck and hope.

  • ✨ Ace of Pentacles, embodied by Amaterasu equipped with the Yata no Kagami shield mirror

    The bronze mirror shield Yata no kagami is one of the three imperial treasures of Japan (the other two are the Kusanagi sword and the megatama) transmitted by Amaterasu to the first emperor of Japan.

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